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Are These Services Illegal?

The answer to this question is NO! They are purely for learning purposes

The purpose of custom essays is to help students with their learning purposes. It is just like guide books which they use to understand a topic along with the given course book. It is for students to compare their work with the ones written by our experts to check where and what they are lacking or identify their mistakes.

It is completely legal to use the paper or assignment written by the company as a sample/model/reference for learning purposes. You can use our services/products to achieve good grades through writing your own unique paper. If it was illegal then Google would’ve banned such websites from showing ages ago. It is like calling model papers, guide books or reference papers illegal which is commonly used by the students.

Is this cheating? Yes, it is, only, and only if you copy the written material as it actually was delivered by us, or even paraphrase it. It is then considered as cheating from your end. Our services/products are strictly for guiding purposes. If you use our services to polish your writing, formatting and referencing abilities then it is considered as a help rather than cheating.

Will your professor know that you have used our services? No, we have a strict Privacy Policy that ensures that our client’s personal information is kept safe, secure and private; we do not share any of our client’s information with third party, as we value our clients and their privacy.

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