Need of Research in Essay Writing

A million dollar thing for a writer to know is “good writing”, which many say is a combination of knowledge and experience, which from a scholarly opinion, is a result of apprehensive research. Research is one very significant thing required for producing informative writing. It is like a soul to bringing quality abstracts and literature. To further understand the significance of research, we are exploring here the fundamentals of research in essay writing. We will explore all various dimensions, to understand the peculiarity and significance of research for a writer.


Research for knowledge

Familiarity to the subject is vital for a writer, starting up a new topic for an informative essay. Familiarity to the subject refers to as the writer is indulge in all levels of the subject he is writing about. No matter, if the writer is a beginner or even an experienced man of the area, this familiarity is much gained with the research conducted. Research actually illuminates on all various dimensions of the topic, on the scope and on continuation of the topic writer is interested on. So research is what gives familiarity to the subject and at the same time, knowledge, which sets base for the writer to write an informative essay. Knowledge is actually attained from what this procedure is called, searching and researching. So research stands relevant for both knowing and knowing better.

Research for investigation

Good writers are always investigative. They come up with investigating minds to bring more powerful and conductive content for their readers. Research which at one side adds knowledge, also gives the ability to investigate. Investigation which is actually the main part of research includes searching, assessing and reflecting which is done on data bases, on interviews, questionnaires, and feedback. This establishes a strong base, a foundation for the writer to complete his informative essay.

Research for organization

Many writers write good in their areas of concern, but they lack the organization, which only comes through surfing and researching. Research actually sorts out the problems, the issues, which are genuinely related to people lives and their systems. Research is what allows the writer to do it so, to choose the topic that compassionately relates to the public interest. Moreover with research, the writer is able to organize information. To place the information at the right time and at the right level. Only a research-oriented writer could do it all, could guide and evolve the public opinion. This is what adds to the significance of research in informative essay writing.


Research for analysis

Even after good completion of an informative essay, there is a need that the writer compares his study results with others’ work. This late check of the quality and of the hypothesis of the study is done by the research. Comparing the arguments standing, the ideas, and views in peer studies, research comes out truly relevant for the writer. With research, the writer is able to ensure the objectiveness and reliability of his study.

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Latest Developments in E-Learning


In times marked by technological innovations, the way humans interact and communicate is constantly changing: geographical distances and time differences no longer prevent people from different continents interact and have access to the same information simultaneously. Education cannot escape the specter of the introduction of these new paradigms and technology has significantly influenced the way for learning and teaching. We have witnessed the birth and rise of e-learning: the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), including streaming video, images, audio, animation and text over the Internet, to provide education. The e-learning or online education breaks with the traditional method of classroom where the teacher is the only one who talks and the students listen. The teacher responds, interact, no runs, while the student is independent to power with a personalized learning approach, where and want their own pace. In a modernity characterized by routines set times, monetary pressures and accelerated competition, people should get the right shape to never stop learning. This need has found a solution in e-learning, which is evident in the figures for the global market. In 2011 revenues of $ 35.6 billion were calculated, which is estimated to increase to $ 51.5 billion in 2016 to an annual rate of 7.9%.

The value of E-Learning

Business schools were the first to develop the case method, which has resulted in excellent results in the formation of professionals and managers. Thus, through this learning methodology students are able to analyze and discuss real situations that they face in their daily lives, acquiring this way very useful tools in making professional and business decisions. Naturally, here they come into play 2.0 tools, and increasingly peers and teachers contribute to solving problems of daily work of all of them through continuous online relationship established. Learning happens to be something specific to a continuous value chain.

New technologies, which we call E-Learning, have come to further enrich the learning, allowing classes to Case Method, or master class in power are not reduced, but at work, in the moments dedicated to study or downtime you can move forward, contacting, resolving questions or commenting on the most interesting places with peers, teachers or speakers.

As we have observed, the content itself every day have a lower value, to the extent that some centers, such as The Open University, does not hesitate to offer them all open. Before business schools were very suspicious and protecting the privacy of its contents, thinking that in this lay its fundamental value or differential value. But in fact what really distinguishes a school is the added value in sharing of experiences and skills development, and this will greatly enhance the E-Learning tools.

Another determining factor is given by the investigation. To date, no doubt, the researcher role has fully gone to college. By tradition, by means of its teaching vocation, it was this institution that assumed the role of research and that greater and abundant fruits collected in this area.

However, from now on, and to the extent that business schools want to compete internationally, they must expand its research profile and publicize its know-how or specific expertise, especially in business. Now, the goal is still far off, but the trend is there and each day is noted that both students and teachers pass over this way.

With the passage of time e-learning is introducing more new scientific methods to educate people in minimal time and duration which is good for todays and the next generation equally. Tomorrow we may not have morons but good intellectuals around us. This is ongoing scenario of the developments in E-learning.

How to Brainstorm For Your Essay Writing Task

I have often heard teacher say that students should brainstorm before they can move to the writing phase as it helps them to gather ideas and know what they will write in their essay. But, is brainstorming simply thinking about the topics or subtopics of your essay? If that would be the case, then there would not be so many essay help books which have devoted entire chapters and sections on brainstorming alone. The purpose of this article is to summarize the information and techniques given in a number of literary books in a short and concise manner.

Don’t Just Brainstorm Abstract Themes

I have seen a number of students making a cloud of the main topic and then putting arrows to it and labeling them with the related themes. The themes are mostly abrupt and students do not mention or think of which element of the theme is related to the main topic. When I do my essay, my brainstorming phase consists of not only abstract themes, but how the themes are interrelated, how they are related to the main theme, and their direct and indirect connection with the topic.

For example, if you have to write an essay on “Employee Motivational Techniques for Managers”, then your abstract themes can be of management bonding, extrinsic incentives, and intrinsic incentives etc., but at the same time you also have to figure out how these topic interlink and whether there is a connection between the subtopics. For example the theme of office routine is related to employee motivation, but it is not strictly related to management techniques. So, the writer needs to understand how the connection is built between directly linked and indirectly linked themes.

Write Bulleted Points Along with the Topics

You might forget the points you wanted to write in a heading when you are done with the brainstorming phase. So, it is advice that you also write the points, examples, and other things you wanted to include in a heading or subtopic. Most of the professional essay writing services put great emphasis on the brainstorming phase, as it defines how the essay will look like. So, following this pattern, you can also write like professionals. The more details you can jot down in the form of bullet the lesser you will have to think over it again in the writing phase. So, it is like saving both your time and efforts.

Decide a Flow- Use Connected Lines

If you’ll just write your pertinent themes or topics, when you’ll start writing you would not know the flow of the essay. I personally take essay help when I want to decide the flow of the essay in order to ensure the best possible pattern and coherency. For example, if you are writing on poverty as a cause of child labour, you need to link it with other social causes before jumping onto the political factors. In this way, it will be easy for the readers to follow the essay and know the transaction of ideas has taken place.

Writing Your First Thesis- Part 1



Thesis is the gateway to your degree and you should not take it lightly. According to the current statistics, the percentage of students failing in their thesis in all has increased nearly 19%, which can be due to different reason, but the outcome it same and dreadful.

Not only what you write in your thesis paper is important, how you present your ideas and what sources you have used also play a pivotal role in setting the total score of your thesis. Having said that, some thesis related essay help is mandatory for all students, who are attempting their thesis for the first time or have failed in their last attempt. Asking someone to do my essay is different than asking someone to write an entire thesis, as it is lengthier, descriptive, technical, and often demands your personal observation and interpretation of the topic you have undertaken for research.

So, here is a general guide of how to compose your thesis paper. This is Part 1 of the article, which will cover general points on

Thesis Structure

Unlike essays, a thesis has a well-defined structure, and you cannot simply put all information together in multiple paragraphs, as you do when writing a general essay. If you have witness any essay writing service page, you’ll see that they have different section for essay and dissertation or thesis, as these two writing forms are very distinct from one another.

  • The “Introduction” Part

This is the first part of your thesis, where you will introduce your topic to the audience. You should use a formal but active voice and short sentence in order to make it simple for your readers to understand or they’ll lose interest from your topic. You will require the primary essay help in developing your introductory part, which should have the components of (a) background, (b) research aim, (c) research objectives, (d) research scope, and (e) thesis outline.

  • The “Literature Review” Part

Many professors consider the literature part to be the most important as it reflects the research and analysis skills of the students. A number of students often buy essay related to the topic, as the literature part resembles essay format. However, you should either trade with a proficient essay writing service or get sufficient professional essay help so to make the literature part expressive, analytical, and systematic, including your own critics and support to the evidences provided in the literature.

  • The “Methodology” Part

Your research can be either Qualitative or Quantitative, based on primary data, secondary data, or both, and can be either cross-sectional, or longitudinal. You need to inform your readers about your research design and what methodology you have adopted to compose your research.

  • The “Results & Analysis” Part

You can either break this in two separate chapters or work them as a single chapter. In this chapter, you will present the results of your primary interview or secondary case studies, based on what research design you have followed. You should bear in mind that you cannot simply ask for write my essay if you want to formulate the Results & Analysis part, as it is completely figurative and results based.

What Makes A Good Writer?


Writing is an art which requires skill, competence and creativity. Every child who goes to school knows how to read and write but not everyone turns out to be a good writer. It requires certain skills to be polished. Good writing needs to be objective in nature supported by authentic evidence and should have connectivity between the sentences to maintain coherency and proper flow. For essay help one should improve his reading skills. Words to be used should be appropriate, concise and grammatically correct. The characteristics which are required for good writing skills are as follows.

Good Writing Should Predict Reader’s Question

Piece of writing should be as concise and responsive that if a reader reads your piece s/he should read it with amaze and any question that would have aroused in the reader’s mind should be catered within the article. Thus, writers should fully understand what the expectations of the readers are so that their requirements are met as a primary objective. For those who works as freelancers or essay writing services should know as well what their clients are asking for and accordingly fulfill their do my essay demands for handsome incentives.

Rewriting Your PIECE

Writing a first draft often bring about a list of errors. Though it is time consuming but there should be practice of multiple sculpturing your piece into appropriate form and shape that would be desirable for the reader to read. Rewriting your work or essay twice or thrice means you have to do your essay or work twice or thrice but it helps in correcting grammatical mistakes and arranging paragraphs accordingly.

Should Be Simple but Not Childish

Writer should write in accordance and feasibility for the readers. It should be simple enough for the reader to understand what writer wants to explain without exertion. But it should not be so simple and common that the readers consider the piece as vague or childish. Proper and rich vocabulary should be used, as repeating the same words again and again often diminishes the strength of the content. The concept and ideas may seem complex and impenetrable, but it is the art of writer that catabolically deconstructs the difficult part into simpler and understandable part.

Effective Paragraphing

One paragraph should cover one subject. Links should be created between sentences in a paragraph. That would be easy for reader to understand.

Good Writing Requires Good Editing

The level of maturity in a writing piece is directly proportional to efficient editing. The writer should know what vocabulary is to be used along with which part of his work can have big impact and which part is unnecessary. Choosing of right words are perhaps the most important part of one’s writing skills.

Good writing skills seldom come with birth, and needs practice and determination for it to flourish. Thus, willingness and persistence are the key elements for becoming a writer everyone love to read.

Academic Databases for Your Service


Finding relevant information for your essays and thesis is becoming increasingly difficult with the ever increasing sources of information, many of which are irrelevant, unauthentic or have inconsistencies and lack of ownership. So, taking material from such online sources not only reduces the credibility of your paper, it also creates problem of plagiarism and bogus detail etc. For this reason, whenever, you write your thesis or any other formal essay, make sure that you take minimum help from sources like Wikipedia, blogs and other online websites, the credibility and authenticity of which are dubious.

Journal articles or peer-reviewed articles are the preferred source in formal essay writing or for getting authentic essay help. These articles are basically written from PhD scholars and are then further reviewed by other PhD professors, making these sources to have high authenticity and credibility of their information. From the many academic databases for journal articles, I have mentioned a few in this articles, which are the most commonly used and contain a large number of free and paid peer-reviewed articles.

Science Direct

Science Direct is one of the largest academic database for finding science, technology, and business related PhD papers. Most of the articles need a university subscription or signing-in with the website. You do not have to buy essay or papers from the website on full cost, but simply register with them and get access to unlimited articles.

The great thing about Science Direct is that all articles are available in PDF and HTML format, so they can be easily downloaded or copied from into your Word or other documents.


BioMedNet comprises of 30,000+ peer-reviewed articles on medical sciences, medicines, healthcare issues and nursing interventions. This is a very good place to find up-to-date information and research going-on in the medical world.

A number of professional essay writing services also take aid from BioMedNet, as a large number of articles have a free access and are written in a very clear and easy language so to make it explicable for fresh students.


Emerldinsight is a UK-operated database engine, with over 600,000 articles on engineering, technology, business models, and innovative economic strategies. If you need essay help in your technical essay writing projects then Emeraldinsight can be a great resource for you.

These articles are written in a very professional and prudent manner and are generally helpful for Masters and PhD level researches. Access to these articles would require subscription from any of the affiliated UK or European university.

Many essay writing services ignore the significance and imperativeness of these easily accessible and often free databases. So, whether you write your essay yourself or ask someone to do my essay, you should specify the use of relevant journal articles, as they add weight to your ideas and arguments.