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Writing Your First Thesis- Part 1



Thesis is the gateway to your degree and you should not take it lightly. According to the current statistics, the percentage of students failing in their thesis in all has increased nearly 19%, which can be due to different reason, but the outcome it same and dreadful.

Not only what you write in your thesis paper is important, how you present your ideas and what sources you have used also play a pivotal role in setting the total score of your thesis. Having said that, some thesis related essay help is mandatory for all students, who are attempting their thesis for the first time or have failed in their last attempt. Asking someone to do my essay is different than asking someone to write an entire thesis, as it is lengthier, descriptive, technical, and often demands your personal observation and interpretation of the topic you have undertaken for research.

So, here is a general guide of how to compose your thesis paper. This is Part 1 of the article, which will cover general points on

Thesis Structure

Unlike essays, a thesis has a well-defined structure, and you cannot simply put all information together in multiple paragraphs, as you do when writing a general essay. If you have witness any essay writing service page, you’ll see that they have different section for essay and dissertation or thesis, as these two writing forms are very distinct from one another.

  • The “Introduction” Part

This is the first part of your thesis, where you will introduce your topic to the audience. You should use a formal but active voice and short sentence in order to make it simple for your readers to understand or they’ll lose interest from your topic. You will require the primary essay help in developing your introductory part, which should have the components of (a) background, (b) research aim, (c) research objectives, (d) research scope, and (e) thesis outline.

  • The “Literature Review” Part

Many professors consider the literature part to be the most important as it reflects the research and analysis skills of the students. A number of students often buy essay related to the topic, as the literature part resembles essay format. However, you should either trade with a proficient essay writing service or get sufficient professional essay help so to make the literature part expressive, analytical, and systematic, including your own critics and support to the evidences provided in the literature.

  • The “Methodology” Part

Your research can be either Qualitative or Quantitative, based on primary data, secondary data, or both, and can be either cross-sectional, or longitudinal. You need to inform your readers about your research design and what methodology you have adopted to compose your research.

  • The “Results & Analysis” Part

You can either break this in two separate chapters or work them as a single chapter. In this chapter, you will present the results of your primary interview or secondary case studies, based on what research design you have followed. You should bear in mind that you cannot simply ask for write my essay if you want to formulate the Results & Analysis part, as it is completely figurative and results based.