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What Makes A Good Writer?


Writing is an art which requires skill, competence and creativity. Every child who goes to school knows how to read and write but not everyone turns out to be a good writer. It requires certain skills to be polished. Good writing needs to be objective in nature supported by authentic evidence and should have connectivity between the sentences to maintain coherency and proper flow. For essay help one should improve his reading skills. Words to be used should be appropriate, concise and grammatically correct. The characteristics which are required for good writing skills are as follows.

Good Writing Should Predict Reader’s Question

Piece of writing should be as concise and responsive that if a reader reads your piece s/he should read it with amaze and any question that would have aroused in the reader’s mind should be catered within the article. Thus, writers should fully understand what the expectations of the readers are so that their requirements are met as a primary objective. For those who works as freelancers or essay writing services should know as well what their clients are asking for and accordingly fulfill their do my essay demands for handsome incentives.

Rewriting Your PIECE

Writing a first draft often bring about a list of errors. Though it is time consuming but there should be practice of multiple sculpturing your piece into appropriate form and shape that would be desirable for the reader to read. Rewriting your work or essay twice or thrice means you have to do your essay or work twice or thrice but it helps in correcting grammatical mistakes and arranging paragraphs accordingly.

Should Be Simple but Not Childish

Writer should write in accordance and feasibility for the readers. It should be simple enough for the reader to understand what writer wants to explain without exertion. But it should not be so simple and common that the readers consider the piece as vague or childish. Proper and rich vocabulary should be used, as repeating the same words again and again often diminishes the strength of the content. The concept and ideas may seem complex and impenetrable, but it is the art of writer that catabolically deconstructs the difficult part into simpler and understandable part.

Effective Paragraphing

One paragraph should cover one subject. Links should be created between sentences in a paragraph. That would be easy for reader to understand.

Good Writing Requires Good Editing

The level of maturity in a writing piece is directly proportional to efficient editing. The writer should know what vocabulary is to be used along with which part of his work can have big impact and which part is unnecessary. Choosing of right words are perhaps the most important part of one’s writing skills.

Good writing skills seldom come with birth, and needs practice and determination for it to flourish. Thus, willingness and persistence are the key elements for becoming a writer everyone love to read.