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How to Brainstorm For Your Essay Writing Task

I have often heard teacher say that students should brainstorm before they can move to the writing phase as it helps them to gather ideas and know what they will write in their essay. But, is brainstorming simply thinking about the topics or subtopics of your essay? If that would be the case, then there would not be so many essay help books which have devoted entire chapters and sections on brainstorming alone. The purpose of this article is to summarize the information and techniques given in a number of literary books in a short and concise manner.

Don’t Just Brainstorm Abstract Themes

I have seen a number of students making a cloud of the main topic and then putting arrows to it and labeling them with the related themes. The themes are mostly abrupt and students do not mention or think of which element of the theme is related to the main topic. When I do my essay, my brainstorming phase consists of not only abstract themes, but how the themes are interrelated, how they are related to the main theme, and their direct and indirect connection with the topic.

For example, if you have to write an essay on “Employee Motivational Techniques for Managers”, then your abstract themes can be of management bonding, extrinsic incentives, and intrinsic incentives etc., but at the same time you also have to figure out how these topic interlink and whether there is a connection between the subtopics. For example the theme of office routine is related to employee motivation, but it is not strictly related to management techniques. So, the writer needs to understand how the connection is built between directly linked and indirectly linked themes.

Write Bulleted Points Along with the Topics

You might forget the points you wanted to write in a heading when you are done with the brainstorming phase. So, it is advice that you also write the points, examples, and other things you wanted to include in a heading or subtopic. Most of the professional essay writing services put great emphasis on the brainstorming phase, as it defines how the essay will look like. So, following this pattern, you can also write like professionals. The more details you can jot down in the form of bullet the lesser you will have to think over it again in the writing phase. So, it is like saving both your time and efforts.

Decide a Flow- Use Connected Lines

If you’ll just write your pertinent themes or topics, when you’ll start writing you would not know the flow of the essay. I personally take essay help when I want to decide the flow of the essay in order to ensure the best possible pattern and coherency. For example, if you are writing on poverty as a cause of child labour, you need to link it with other social causes before jumping onto the political factors. In this way, it will be easy for the readers to follow the essay and know the transaction of ideas has taken place.