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Academic Databases for Your Service


Finding relevant information for your essays and thesis is becoming increasingly difficult with the ever increasing sources of information, many of which are irrelevant, unauthentic or have inconsistencies and lack of ownership. So, taking material from such online sources not only reduces the credibility of your paper, it also creates problem of plagiarism and bogus detail etc. For this reason, whenever, you write your thesis or any other formal essay, make sure that you take minimum help from sources like Wikipedia, blogs and other online websites, the credibility and authenticity of which are dubious.

Journal articles or peer-reviewed articles are the preferred source in formal essay writing or for getting authentic essay help. These articles are basically written from PhD scholars and are then further reviewed by other PhD professors, making these sources to have high authenticity and credibility of their information. From the many academic databases for journal articles, I have mentioned a few in this articles, which are the most commonly used and contain a large number of free and paid peer-reviewed articles.

Science Direct

Science Direct is one of the largest academic database for finding science, technology, and business related PhD papers. Most of the articles need a university subscription or signing-in with the website. You do not have to buy essay or papers from the website on full cost, but simply register with them and get access to unlimited articles.

The great thing about Science Direct is that all articles are available in PDF and HTML format, so they can be easily downloaded or copied from into your Word or other documents.


BioMedNet comprises of 30,000+ peer-reviewed articles on medical sciences, medicines, healthcare issues and nursing interventions. This is a very good place to find up-to-date information and research going-on in the medical world.

A number of professional essay writing services also take aid from BioMedNet, as a large number of articles have a free access and are written in a very clear and easy language so to make it explicable for fresh students.


Emerldinsight is a UK-operated database engine, with over 600,000 articles on engineering, technology, business models, and innovative economic strategies. If you need essay help in your technical essay writing projects then Emeraldinsight can be a great resource for you.

These articles are written in a very professional and prudent manner and are generally helpful for Masters and PhD level researches. Access to these articles would require subscription from any of the affiliated UK or European university.

Many essay writing services ignore the significance and imperativeness of these easily accessible and often free databases. So, whether you write your essay yourself or ask someone to do my essay, you should specify the use of relevant journal articles, as they add weight to your ideas and arguments.